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We (Day and Wright) decided to record our second project, Night Train to Shanghai, since we had so much fun with the successful launch of our first combined effort, Christmas Time (2016). We are both songwriters and this new collaboration is a pared down experiment of 12 original songs, a smooth mellow sound, with Mellani on vocals, uke and some percussion, and Dan on vocals and the eclectic mix of guitar, gas can drum, harmonica and a bit of beat box on various tracks. Life can bring some mean surprises and both of us use music as therapy in a way, celebrating what is good. Night Train to Shanghai has turned out to be about relationships of all types, from meeting a lost love, to making friends on a train from Beijing to Shanghai, to a lullaby, to reigniting the flame. You can find it at all your favorite digital sources. 

From a fan on our Christmas Time album:

WOW - I love this music!!! You have a beautiful voice - I am so amazed with what you did with the CD - I wanted to tell you which one I liked the best and thought it was UNSUSPECTING WORLD  and then I jumped back to I WANT TO BELIEVE and then number 4 REGGAE CHRISTMAS so I guess I will go with the whole CD - it is AWESOME - I rocked all the way back to the office - you are so talented - don't quit now - keep writing and producing. The entire CD was Fun and kept me smiling throughout. Thanks so much!!!!

                                                  -- Mike B.

The 8 original tracks on our Christmas Time EP are:

1.  Ho Ho Ho on the Highest
2.  I Want to Believe
3.  Christmas Eve Eve
4.  Praise the Lord Reggae Christmas
5.  Sweet Little Baby Jesus Child
6.  Don't Let it Be At Christmas Time
7.  Unsuspecting World
8.  Flapjack Christmas.

Mellani's original, Losin' from the Shy to Sure EP was just added to:

Blues Music is Truth



Here's a review from the station master at

Very Cool guitar groove at the intro with tasty piano chops happening. tripping blues that have you come back for more, solid vox by Mellani tight blues band with rich elements and interplay between piano and guitar and bass and percussion holding it altogether, the heartbeat of the song, nice tasty guitar lead in a Bobby Parker way and lets it rip as it progresses onward to the end of the song

Mostly True - "Mostly True," co-produced by Eric Gunnison, and featuring the Dazed Band, consists of original vocal jazz-centric tunes that range from blues to island/reggae to yes, jazz by Mellani Day, and one cover - a bluesy version of Huey Lewis' "I Want a New Drug."  Mell's music has been deemed "lounge-y."

Shy to Sure - "Shy to Sure" is a collection of finely crafted jazzy blues and bluesy jazz songs by Mellani Day.  Also produced by Eric Gunnison, the songs on this EP have made themselves known as Billboard honorable mentions (Shy to Sure and Jade to Sapphire), and in its day, Losin' received  regular airplay on 99.5 The Mountain.